Legal responsibility of legal entities

In accordance with the legal provisions of Law No. 9613 of March 3, 1998 ("Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering"), which establishes the criminal liability of legal persons for money laundering, terrorist financing and other related crimes, Telefônica Factoring do Brasil, Ltda, prepared the following complaint channels for its directors, executives, clients and general public, which are intended to receive relevant information about any irregular fact or situation related to the crimes described above. Complaints can be anonymous, otherwise the information will be treated confidentially.

The established channels are as follows:


Before you make a complaint, you should keep in mind:

The channels are only intended to receive information regarding the practice of the infractions established in Law No. 9613, money laundering, terrorist financing and / or bribery of a public, national or foreign official; committed by shareholders, officers, executives or suppliers of this institution, in the performance of their duties and for the benefit of the institution.

Complaints made will be analysed by the units in charge of this matter.