We anticipate the payment of your sales in an agile, simple and convenient way, converting your instalment sales into cash sales.

Fast access to Financing

Offers liquidity in an agile and expedited manner through the sale of accounts receivable.

Improves cash flows

It allows to improve the cash flow of your company since it receives the cash payment of your instalment sales.

Improves financial ratios

Improves the financial ratios of your company, by improving the liquidity of the company.

It does not constitute debt

This financing does not constitute debt in the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions and is not subject to stamp taxes.

Reduces processing time

Eliminates the time used for collection efforts.

Features and terms

Telefonica Factoring CHILE is another financing alternative that gives its customers competitive conditions for discounting invoices.


Financing through the assignment of accounts receivable to Telefonica Factoring Chile.

Framework Agreement

Signing of a Framework Contract between the customer and Telefonica Factoring CHILE.

Receivable Transfer

Receivable transfer by which the customer transfers its receivables to Telefonica Factoring CHILE.


Telefonica Factoring Chile manages the collection of transferred receivables.


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