We anticipate the collection of the invoices of your sales to the Telefonica Group in Europe, in Euros, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling, in an agile and simple way.

We offer two types of contracts:

  • Global Assignment: todas sus facturas son centralizadas a través de Telefónica Factoring, pudiendo anticipar los fondos de todas las facturas automáticamente o solo las facturas que necesite a cada momento.
  • One-Shot Assignment: exceptionally you may assign only specific invoices.

Non-recourse factoring

Financing your invoices without risks to the customer, being able to write off accounts receivable from the balance: since the Factoring line is based on the solvency of its customers/buyers, your company does not exhaust the usual lines of credit, thus increasing its financial capacity.

Recourse factoring

Conventional method of financing your invoices.


We offer customised solutions.


Optimisation of treasury management at competitive prices, reducing the cash flow cycles, handling the funds according to your needs.


Centralisation at Telefonica Factoring of all accounts receivable with different companies of the Telefonica Group, simplifying the collection process, and reducing processing time and administrative costs.


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